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I figured it out. My whole body has been & still is deformed because of ‘ this fascia amputation during an umbilical hernia repair surgery. On the left you a standard anatomy from an anatomy-book. On the right you see what happened to my whole anatomy because a surgeon amputated the piece of the Transversalis Fascia because he thought my belly was too big, while he performed an umbilical hernia repair surgery. #bellyconstriction #medicalmalpracice #failedsurgery

The strange shape of the large intestine

The strange shape, the large intestine is forced into, causes many problems.

the strange shape my colon is forced into by fascial amputation surgery without consent nor need nor medical indication

The first cause is the fascia amputation performed without consent during an umbilical hernia repair surgery, when I was five years old.
This amputation of a piece of fascial tissue shortened the distance between breastbone and pubic bone and also the circumference of the abdominal cavity.

This causes

  • a tightened belly volume, where the guts are cramped into and have to reorganize to be able to work at all.
  • an always bowed down spine
  • a lowered liver
  • pressure on all the organs when belly is filled (which is normally always the case) the organs are: the urinary bladder, all the guts, all vessels (very high blood pressure)
  • the strange shape of the large intestine causes daily obstipation
  • the organs are too big for this surgically minimized abdominal cavity and block each other.
  • the breast cage is been dragged down so have to stand very hunchbacked
  • To digest I have to adopt an even more hunchbacked position, because when I bow down more, the volume of the abdominal cavity increases a bit.
  • The guts press the diaphragm up and the breastbone is dragged down at the same time. breathing gets difficult and you breath very flat when the belly is full.
  • this daily obstipation causes inflammations in the eyes which looks like veils and mouches volants and even lead to edemas behind the retina, which makes you almost blind.

My abdominal cave from the inside

This is how my abdominal cave looks from the inside. The part of the fascia transversalis that has been surgically amputated is missing badly. This fail surgery performed at LKH Wagna Austria has ruined my anatomy, the digestion & my life so far.

view of abdominal wall from the inside the wall has been mutilated by failsurgery performed at LKH Wagna, Austria when I was 5 years old, I have massive problems ever since.

Each X-ray shows this deformed anatomy

Every single x-ray shows my deformed anatomy.

But each doctor stares at a single organ and each single organ is ok, especially when the belly is empty. Nobody cares about the fact, that a part of my belly fascia (Transversalis Fascia) has been amputated and is now missing and that my sternum with the front of the chest cage is being constantly pulled down and lowered for about 15cm / 6 inches.

Nobody cares, that my spine has to bow constantly to compensate the missing fascia piece. Nobody cares that the liver is lowered and presses on the guts like a stone on the sauerkraut.

Nobody cares that the remaining volume for the intestine is simply too small to function well and that the lowered liver presses the small intestine into the pelvis and forces the colon to form this strange shape.

Each new doctor, I visit, is covering up this criminal surgeon from LKH Wagna, who amputated the fascial tissue, trying to surgically correct a misdiagnosed “Bindegewebeschwäche” (=connective tissue weakness). I was put in the hospital when I was 5 years old by my parents, to get my umbilical hernia repaired and this surgeon decided, while he was performing the surgery, that my whole belly was too big. So he simply cut out a big piece of the fascial tissue and my horror trip, which could have been a life, started.

the fascial amputation happened

The constriction-ring was a valuable hypothesis.

The fascial amputation happened, but there is no ring of fascial tissue reaching into the abdominal cave.
This was a theory proofed wrong by the laparoscopy.
The laparoscopy was very important to exclude server diseases like cancer or other things growing in the belly and generating all this symptoms.

I am quite sure, that the feeling of the constriction came from the large intestine being arranged wrong in the abdominal cave and not being able to move back in a more pleasing and functional form.

At August 2019 the order and arrangement of the large intestine was disturbed in a single incident, that I later called the #bowelswitch. It took 14 month till I finally managed to switch the bowels back in a functioning position also in a almost single incident at 2020-10-31.

The anatomical disaster that this fascia amputation did to my body, is there plain to see for everyone, who knows where to look at. With a bit of anatomical comparison it is very easy to detect, that there is a piece of fascia missing.

So when you read in this blog about this constriction-ring, look at it, as an attempt to describe the mechanical feelings and pain I felt generated by the twisted intestines.

The constriction-ring was a hypothesis, that made it possible for me to talk about the origin of the problems and symptoms and to give it a name and be able to talk about it’s nature (being something, that can’t heel).

Now, that the organs in the belly are arranged properly again to kind of work in this too small space, it is possible to look at the form and volume of the abdominal cave and the whole anatomy. Because my life isn’t funny, even when I am in the so called “normal” state, where the bowels are somehow get along cramped into this too small belly.

So, when you read in this blog about or see drawing with the constriction-ring, I want you to look at it, knowing that it doesn’t need the ring at all, to produce all this symptoms. And I write since ever about a ton of symptoms, that a ring never could produce.

The fascia-amputation-theory was always there but it even covers all the symptoms better without the constriction-ring and now everything matches: all my symptoms, my body posture, the x-rays, the blood pressure…

Now I will talk with others about this new thesis / theory, also with one other victim of a belly-fascia amputation, and will put it to discussion.

To give in as temporary release

to give in the tension (tensile stress) generated by the missing fascia is often the best way to spend time with the least trouble and the best form of the abdominal cave for digestion. The only tension that even then doesn’t vanish completely is the corset feeling around the belly.
When I go walking and nobody ‘ is seeing me I very often realize that I walk very bowed down and I look to my toes. This releases the tension for me but I can’t go like this around people. (And I don’t want to. This is only a temporary solution because I have been mutilated.)

Das Leben mit der belly-constriction

Diese unnötige Faszienamputation zwingt mich, auch noch 46 Jahre nach der Operation, in so eine unnatürliche Rumpfhaltung:

Bauch herausgestreckt, Brustbein abgesenkt und Rundrücken.

Ich lebe bewusst mit dieser Verstümmelung und ich helfe das Verbrechen gegen mein Recht auf körperliche Unversehrtheit umso besser zu vertuschen, je mehr Tricks ich herausfinde, wie man mit dieser chirurgisch induzierten Behinderung (Bellyconstriction) viel mehr schlecht, als recht überleben kann.

Gardening, cooking, DJ-ing & Graphic Design cause of my constricted belly

It is always difficult to manage the small belly-volume the surgeon has left me with, because he misdiagnosed a belly wall weakness and “repaired” it although he was only supposed to repair the little umbilical hernia when I was 5 years old.

I will not try another time to work employed at a job, where I have to sit for hours and need a functioning digestion. The digestion just doesn’t work when I sit. And the bad thing is, when I force myself to do so, my eyes get inflamed and I risk another bowelswitch, which is the most hurtful and cruelest thing I ever have experienced (4 times) in my life and it lasts at least half a year, till it feels and works kind of normal again.

At the end of August 2020 my belly has been investigated (laparoscopic investigation). All the organs are healthy and there is no such thing as a fold of the transversalis fascia reaching into the abdominal cave, as I described it and felt it.
What still is there are the symptoms, that my whole belly feels constricted and that the belly is factual too small for normal daily eating without getting massive problems e.g. pressure on the bladder or diaphragm or on the veins, that my blood pressure rises unnaturally.

I have been sent home from the hospital and was very disappointed at first. But at least I have the information, that all the organs are healthy. So even when it hurts every day, I can always just stop eating or wait till I piss or shit and the symptoms will vanish.

I am retreating now and wait, before I will take my next steps in this case.

In the meantime I am eating only every other day something for lunch and dinner. Acting so, I can minimize the problems, the symptoms and the volume of food/shit in the belly. In the days in between I only drink or eat soups. For breakfast I only drink coffee and eat nothing everyday.

I will not work employed as Architect ever again.
I tried but my belly is not made (by this surgeon) for sitting and I get massive problems. Therefore I will do gardening, cooking, DJ-ing and work self employed as Graphic Designer at and maybe travel a bit and do things I never did because of my stupid aching belly like buying a motorbike and going on holidays with people that accept, when I need to piss very often or take much time on the toilet. In the car I take a urinal bottle with me. I am too old to be ashamed of Problems this fucking surgeon should be ashamed of that made me suffer may whole life since childhood.

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