5:00 I slept until now. I feel the constriction: A general tension of the abdominal wall. Hurting kidneys. I drink water to loosen the stuck digestion. Hopefully I will sleep again a bit.

Shortening distance Sternum Pubis

10:45 I took a walk to the mall nearby. Shoulders are torn down and belly presses against the lungs. A simple walk becomes a nightmare.

Back home I’m decalcifying my coffee machine with the decalcifier I bought. And soon I will start preparing lunch. As it is 11:00 already.

12:30 I‘m installing the winter cellar windows. Everything is exhausting for me.

My teeth hurt as the meat packs in the gaps between the them. Till they are repaired, they will hurt.

I walked for half an hour in the evening. Although it doesn’t feel good at all. Pressure against the lungs and belly tension. Better than not moving at all, I think.