On Monday I’ll get the results of www.prescan.at. They made a scan of the whole body. First it sounded nice, like I’d get a 3D-Scan and the doctors would be present at the examination and search for hints of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adhesion_(medicine) in the abdominal cave.
That was not the case at all.

To find hints for the adhesions in abdominal cave was only one reason for https://www.prescan.at/total-body-scan/
Reason #2 was, to get information of the status quo of my whole body, cause I live with #bellyconstriction and the symptoms it causes for 47 years now: strange high blood pressure since childhood, permanent inflamation in the intestines, Uveitis for 2004-2018 with heavy medical treatment (Infliximab).
1988, 1990, 1996, 2019 I had a Bowelswitch where the belly-system snaps in one single incident and after that follows a period of 6 months of suffering, 10 kg weight loss so that the navel gets closer to the spinal column, the fascial constriction-ring widens lateral, the guts can sink into “normal” position again and I can gain 10 kg so that the fascia-ring closes and the guts are kept safely below it with no chance to escape again to produce another Bowelswitch.
I explained everything here: http://www.bellyconstriction.com/die-phasen/

So I thought, this whole longtime torture and heavy medical treatment has probably caused other detritions in my body by now.

The next thing, that I’ll do, is to contact https://chirurgie.uniklinikumgraz.at/Seiten/default.aspx again. I’ll show them my site: bellyconstriction.com and I’ll ask again, if they’ll make this investigative laparoscopy, cause they refused to do it in Dec 2019 although this was the only reason I went there in the first place.

If they don’t react immediately, I go somewhere else to get this banal investigation, that should have been done the day after the fail surgery in LKH Wagna 1973 or in the aftermath of one of the Bowelswitches when I sought, cried and begged for help.

I actually had no life because of this failsurgery. I lost all my jobs because of symptoms caused by this fail surgery. And I had to invent a special diet, to be able to work in sitting position for the last 4 years without #strangefatigue haunting me or get inflammation in the eyes. I worked in to offices on small and big projects actually for the first time with that much responsibility, I liked it, I could show my talent. I am BIM specialist and extremely good.
And then came #Bowelswitch.

Till this Bellyconstriction isn’t fixed, I will never work employed again, because my belly is constricted so strong, that I get trouble and pain and Uveitis and maybe the next Bowelswitch from sitting alone.

Till this is fixed, I work self employed at www.kpdesign.at and concentrate on gardening and cooking and maybe DJing www.djkonski.com.