Every single x-ray shows my deformed anatomy.

But each doctor stares at a single organ and each single organ is ok, especially when the belly is empty. Nobody cares about the fact, that a part of my belly fascia (Transversalis Fascia) has been amputated and is now missing and that my sternum with the front of the chest cage is being constantly pulled down and lowered for about 15cm / 6 inches.

Nobody cares, that my spine has to bow constantly to compensate the missing fascia piece. Nobody cares that the liver is lowered and presses on the guts like a stone on the sauerkraut.

Nobody cares that the remaining volume for the intestine is simply too small to function well and that the lowered liver presses the small intestine into the pelvis and forces the colon to form this strange shape.

Each new doctor, I visit, is covering up this criminal surgeon from LKH Wagna, who amputated the fascial tissue, trying to surgically correct a misdiagnosed “Bindegewebeschwäche” (=connective tissue weakness). I was put in the hospital when I was 5 years old by my parents, to get my umbilical hernia repaired and this surgeon decided, while he was performing the surgery, that my whole belly was too big. So he simply cut out a big piece of the fascial tissue and my horror trip, which could have been a life, started.