When you are suffering and start talking about it, it is natural that you are being bombarded with “good” advices, quick solutions and “I have that too” and you had good times too and you had too much stress you eat unhealthy food, you can’t blame everything on one thing, you are mentally ill.

Actually people cannot just listen and when you tell something extraordinary they think you are lying. Yes it is extraordinary and so are the symptoms. It is a rare disease derived from a common disease: misdiagnosis: this abdominal cave is too big, let’s make it smaller.

Many factors are influencing and increasing the symptoms right now.

– The abdominal cave has been made another bit smaller in August 2020.

– I get several new medications, I didn’t get before in my life

– I get cortisone because of a reappearing macula edema.

– I still have reactions from the 1st COVID-19 vaccine. Extremely fast dyspneic / breathless .