I cannot eat normal since August 2019. (It hasn’t been normal before, but the symptoms have been more acceptable: compressed urinal bladder, #strangefatigue, Uveitis, when drinking Alkohol or eating sugar, shoulder aches and being torn down.

In August 2019 happened what I call the #Bowelswitch, that changes the constellation of the guts irreversible. Actually I couldn’t change them back to “normal” by now.

It all started when I was 5 years old and the surgeon that should just close my umbilical hernia, thought that my child-belly was too big and he cut out a piece from the belly-fascial-tissue, which is now missing.

The result: my abdomen is too small to house all the organs, especially when they are filled with food / digesta or urine.

The circumference has been shortened and also the distance between sternum and pubic bone.

When the belly volume increases, the gut soon reaches it’s maximum volume limit and any additional volume is stretching the diaphragm and pressing it upwards.

If there is any institution or medical center or surgeon interested in my case and wants to investigate, I am open to send all my medical data.

I really need help and someone, who gets it, that I am suffering from a lack of space in the belly. My organs cannot digest properly and they compress the lungs, when filled.

Yes, I will go and visit a psychologist, so I have someone to tell about the pain and problems, because nobody else can bear it or seeing me suffer without going to the doctor.

Maybe I get the confidence to go to a doctor again, when I have someone professional, that I can tell about all my pains and physical problems, that I deal with. I am writing them in a pain diary, but that doesn’t really help. It only shows me, that the surgery was a mistake and that fascia tissue is not meant to stretch.