I am dealing with this bellyconstriction my whole life now. I know, that it is a disease created by a surgeon, who just wanted to help and did something that is as we say: „Gut gemeint ist auch Scheiße.“ which means „Well intentioned is also shit.“

As I am seeking people, who suffer from similar symptoms I started googling my symptoms and found the mysterious IBS irritable bowel syndrome, where I can find almost all the symptoms, that I have, depending on which phase* I am in.

* My belly and my symptoms are completely different, in the „normal“ phase and in the phase following the BOWELSWITCH.

The symptoms in the „normal“ phase are like these described in the IBS-syndrome-catalogue, only that I know, they started with this shit surgery that should never have happened and converted my life in a nightmare, when I was 6 years old.

I had/have all the symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, pain and cramping (although this is just the permanent constriction that chokes the guts and no cramp), diarrhea ( I found out that sugar and beer often trigger diarrhea, but it is mere sitting that blocks the digestion process mechanically), constipation (well this goes hand in hand with diarrhea and the solution for all is coffee), food intolerance (yes and no: when I am sitting, I can‘t even eat meat, cause I get strange fatigue and uveitis, but when I am not sitting and don‘t care if I sleep a bit after lunch, I can eat almost anything even sugar and drink alcohol.

Fatigue and difficulty sleeping – yes I have both since my childhood exactly since this shit surgery, when I was 5 years old. I wake up every night at about 4 o’clock with extremely dry eyes and dry mouth and have to do something to get my digestion, hindered mechanically from transporting the shit, to start moving again.

Anxiety and depression – well it is depressing, when you live in the world of pain and strange symptoms side by side with people (siblings, schoolmates, parents, everyone) having no idea, what you are going through, till you stop talking about the pain to appear normal.

Brain fog – Oh yes I know this. My brain was examined, they said I had circulation problems, cause I coudn’t concentrate at school. It was at home too, but nobody cared.

Additionally I always feel the bellyconstriction and my anatomy has been destroyed by this surgery and always feels not right.