Once again, I have a macula edema that hinders the vision of my right eye.

My belly has always problems to transport the digesta through the entrails. My belly is constricted and it feels constricted, always.

Each night I wake up several times because of the constriction. Each morning it takes 4 coffees to start the bowels moving and feel alleviated and less constricted. I live with these problems day in and day out. For other people it is clear, that I have a psychological problem. I can tell it began with the umbilical hernia repair surgery with an unnecessary extra: tightening the abdominal cave. Since then it is too tight. Since then it produces pain. Since then the filled intestines press against the lungs by pushing the diaphragm upwards or pressing against the urinal bladder or pressing against each other. I started to talk and I won’t stop, but I doubt, I will find a surgeon believing and helping me before I’m dead.