My self invented diet is not a real diet, because it actually doesn’t matter what I eat.

It is more about volume-management and avoiding total blockages that lead to inflammation.

The shit has to be transported continually and it is always hindered by the shape (with narrow curves) the Colon is forced into because of surgical shortening of the abdominal wall.

So the diet has four rules:

Eat 3 times a day only a small to normal amount of dry matter. Keep the volume of dry matter in the belly low. Eat more vegetable than meat. As much liquid as you want. Soups are good.

Don’t destroy the order, once it somehow has established. Eat less, but eat at least something, if the Colon is bloated and hurts. When you don’t eat and try to only drink the Colon may change his shape to a very uncomfortable position, where you live in pain for months, till you get it in functioning shape again.

Don’t do classical sports. It hurts anyhow to do Sport in this bowed down hunchbacked position. Running and swimming doesn’t work. Don’t force yourself to do so. It squeezes your belly and presses your intestines against your bladder and your lungs. Riding the bicycle is the only sport, where you can stay in this hunchbacked position.

Eat low inflammatory food. As the shape the Colon is forced into may vary, but always leads to constipation, since this fail-surgery, you have to tone down the consumption of the inflammatory food. The always bloated Colon has many diverticula where food/shit can stay and it is better, there are some vegetables stuck, than some meat. The second thing is, if there is already an inflammation going on, sugar and alcohol is fueling this inflammation. So you have to decide. Either drink that much beer, that the obstipation and the inflammation gets flushed out, or stay with the obstipation and eat no sugar and drink no alcohol.

Don’t sit, when the belly hurts. Don’t force yourself to sit, when your belly hurts, because the shit or a fart stucks. Drink something, move, go to the loo, fart, try to shit. Or stop the desk-work and do something else or go for a walk or sit in the comfy-chair in the hunchbacked belly relief position.