I’m trying now for at least a month to keep the volume of the food/digesta small to keep the diaphragm in a normal position, that my lungs can fully inhale and expand properly. A&B-state.

It works, but one lapse and the volume increases and the guts can’t expand the surgically constricted belly, so they push the liver and the diaphragm up and compress the lungs and the heart.

If I eat three meals a day, I change to and then stay in C-state with constantly compressed lungs and a bunch of other symptoms like eye inflammation #uveitis, #sarkoidosis of the lung, strange fatigue, being short of breath and compressed urinal bladder.

When I don’t eat regularly or have a gut inflammation or do the wrong movement, the established C -state gets derailed (#bowelswitch) the lungs expand and it can’t switch back at once.


It takes quite a bit of time to reorganize the guts before you could start filling them again and press them into the chest. I didn’t know that the guts had to be ordered first, before, so I wanted to go on with living like before the #bowelswitch and eat three times a day…, so I had to suffer: from August 2019 to February 2021 like I did at least two times in my life before: 1988, 1996…

If a #bowelswitch ever should happen to me again, I would immediately reduce my food input drastically to only one meal a day or less. And wait, till the guts are in proper position, before pressing them up the thorax again.

A #bowelswitch will never happen again, because I will never let my body return to C-mode again. I will never eat more, than one meal a day, till the reverse bellyconstriction surgery will have taken place.

These changes between A/B and C hurt in each direction.

Processing the diaphragm that much up, much more than a normal exhalation, hurts. And when the thorax gets compressed, you instantly feel depressed. It is like a switch. There is no external cause what so ever. And the really bad & pessimistic thoughts are like blown away, when this physical compression eases. I have learned that as a child, that there is no external cause. But it is real and a real threat.

When you try to get the diaphragm down to A&B again by keeping the daily food input small, a process that also hurts very much, gets started. The pain is horrible. It is just the volume change that causes the organ compressions and these pains. It has nothing to do with the sort of food I eat. Any food or liquid has a volume and occupies some space and food mush and liquid cannot be compressed.

My belly has been modified surgically without consent nor medical indication in a way, that it can’t harbor a normal volume of food/digesta. (The circumference of the fascial tissue has been shortened).

Therefore the volume of the food/digesta pushes the liver and the diaphragm up. Normally the front of the chest and the rib cage would just move upwards, but that is also impeded by the unauthorized belly surgery because the front of the rib cage has been strapped down for good by this fascia amputation.

So the only way to make room for 3 meals/a day and some liquid, is to push the diaphragm up up up into the chest.

This is the daily horror I’m experiencing since childhood. I cannot describe the amount and sort of pain properly, because you “ordinary mortals” 😉 have never felt anything comparable.

I try to stay in A & B – state nowadays, which means, that I’m eating one meal (solid food) per day only. My breakfast consists of liquid only and my dinner is a thin soup.

This low belly volume “diet” works quite well to avoid a compressed lung, but it allows no mistakes.

It is pure horror to experience the guts choking the lungs and the heart and it hurts.

In the Low Belly Volume Mode (A&B) the belly stands out like a balloon (B) from one coffee in the morning only.

When I surpass the maximum volume this belly-ball slips into the rib-cage and suddenly looks smaller than before from the outside.

C-state is not really visible from the outside. The belly may be big, but not like bursting from eating nothing like in B-state.

I will describe this rare “desease” better and better and more detailed, hoping, that one day someone will get it and understand, that I don’t make up these things for fun and helps me to get out of this with a reverse surgery by implanting an artificial tissue at the belly button.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you want to investigate this rare disease. When you or your institution shows real interest, I give you access to all my medical data that have accumulated in decades. Feel free to contact me at konrad@bellyconstriction.com