The constriction-ring was a valuable hypothesis.

The fascial amputation happened, but there is no ring of fascial tissue reaching into the abdominal cave.
This was a theory proofed wrong by the laparoscopy.
The laparoscopy was very important to exclude server diseases like cancer or other things growing in the belly and generating all this symptoms.

I am quite sure, that the feeling of the constriction came from the large intestine being arranged wrong in the abdominal cave and not being able to move back in a more pleasing and functional form.

At August 2019 the order and arrangement of the large intestine was disturbed in a single incident, that I later called the #bowelswitch. It took 14 month till I finally managed to switch the bowels back in a functioning position also in a almost single incident at 2020-10-31.

The anatomical disaster that this fascia amputation did to my body, is there plain to see for everyone, who knows where to look at. With a bit of anatomical comparison it is very easy to detect, that there is a piece of fascia missing.

So when you read in this blog about this constriction-ring, look at it, as an attempt to describe the mechanical feelings and pain I felt generated by the twisted intestines.

The constriction-ring was a hypothesis, that made it possible for me to talk about the origin of the problems and symptoms and to give it a name and be able to talk about it’s nature (being something, that can’t heel).

Now, that the organs in the belly are arranged properly again to kind of work in this too small space, it is possible to look at the form and volume of the abdominal cave and the whole anatomy. Because my life isn’t funny, even when I am in the so called „normal“ state, where the bowels are somehow get along cramped into this too small belly.

So, when you read in this blog about or see drawing with the constriction-ring, I want you to look at it, knowing that it doesn’t need the ring at all, to produce all this symptoms. And I write since ever about a ton of symptoms, that a ring never could produce.

The fascia-amputation-theory was always there but it even covers all the symptoms better without the constriction-ring and now everything matches: all my symptoms, my body posture, the x-rays, the blood pressure…

Now I will talk with others about this new thesis / theory, also with one other victim of a belly-fascia amputation, and will put it to discussion.