The strange shape, the large intestine is forced into, causes many problems.

the strange shape my colon is forced into by fascial amputation surgery without consent nor need nor medical indication

The first cause is the fascia amputation performed without consent during an umbilical hernia repair surgery, when I was five years old.
This amputation of a piece of fascial tissue shortened the distance between breastbone and pubic bone and also the circumference of the abdominal cavity.

This causes

  • a tightened belly volume, where the guts are cramped into and have to reorganize to be able to work at all.
  • an always bowed down spine
  • a lowered liver
  • pressure on all the organs when belly is filled (which is normally always the case) the organs are: the urinary bladder, all the guts, all vessels (very high blood pressure)
  • the strange shape of the large intestine causes daily obstipation
  • the organs are too big for this surgically minimized abdominal cavity and block each other.
  • the breast cage is been dragged down so have to stand very hunchbacked
  • To digest I have to adopt an even more hunchbacked position, because when I bow down more, the volume of the abdominal cavity increases a bit.
  • The guts press the diaphragm up and the breastbone is dragged down at the same time. breathing gets difficult and you breath very flat when the belly is full.
  • this daily obstipation causes inflammations in the eyes which looks like veils and mouches volants and even lead to edemas behind the retina, which makes you almost blind.